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Established in 2016 nord. gallery focuses on promoting a filtered collection from Greek & Greek based artists. With one physical space on Spetses island- Greece, operating from April to October, and an all year online presence we are continuously in search of talented partners, exploring new artistic approaches and presenting intriguing choices for collectors. Currently shipping worldwide.

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You can visit us from mid April up to November every year.


Daily: 11:00-14:00 & 18:00 -21:30
By appointment @ +30 6944443534 /

Upcoming Show

Retrospective_ Portraits of 1984

21 Mar - 18 Apr 2021

Online Viewing Room @ARTSY

With this series of 10 portraits, the artist portrays an intuitive true expression of his inner soul, his own personal experiences, fears and his conception of the inevitable. The lines in these paintings are violent,out of order sometimes and the forms seem to decay into darkness. Even in some , at first sight empty spaces in these paintings, you can trace the brushstrokes inside the degrading shades of the black background. In contrast to the above, in a few of the artworks we can see a more strict synthesis, presenting some deeper concepts while at the same time trying to capture the human "aura". The movement of the Cubists, and references to Roualt and Soutine co-exist in thesse portraits, whilst the artist is mainly focusing on materializing his torturing vision, rather than visualizing his painting style.

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